English Language

Exam Board: AQA

Paper 1:  Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing
50% (1 hour 45 minutes)

Paper 2:  Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives
50% (1 hour 45 minutes)

Reading: You will analyse a range of unseen modern and pre 20th century non-fiction and literary extracts for the reading sections of the exams. 

Writing: You will be required to write one non-fiction text such as an article, letter, website entry or a speech for a specified audience and purpose. In addition, you will write one creative text, either a description or narrative, prompted by an image. 

There are no set texts for this part of the course though you should read a variety of non-fiction and literary texts to prepare you for the demands of the exam. 

English qualifications open doors to college courses and are highly regarded by UCAS and employers. Some careers involving English skills include journalism, publishing, law and marketing.


100% examination. Throughout the course you will complete assessments linked to exam questions and criteria.