Citizenship Studies

Exam Board: OCR

If you are interested in law, politics and enjoy debating, discussing worldwide issues and people listening to your viewpoints then this is the subject for you.

In Citizenship Studies, you will study:

Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales
Including human rights, different types of law, how laws are made in England and Wales, roles of the police, the courts, types of punishment and crime rates.

Democracy and the government
Including the UK Government, politics, party manifestos, media releases, voting and how you could become an MP! 

The economy, finance and money
Including public taxes and expenditure (on welfare, health, education or the needs of the elderly), pressure groups, charities and faith groups.

The role of the media and free press
Including moral responsibility to reporting accurate reports that are respectful to peoples’ privacy and dignity, media regulation and also how media is used by people in power to influence citizens. 

UK and the wider world
Including migration and seeking asylum, identity and diversity, control of the immigration to the UK, the European Union and United Nations and decisions during times of war and conflict.

‚ÄčA GCSE in Citizenship Studies can lead to a career as a lawyer, an MP, a social worker, a police officer, a judge, a journalist / news reporter and many more.


100% examination—the assessment will comprise of multiple choice questions, short written answers and extended writing.