Exam Board: OCR

The course is split into two units:

  1. How Markets Work
  2. How the Economy Works

In How Markets Work, you will look at economic foundations such as the nature and purpose of economic activity, the factors of production and the importance of making choices. You will also look at how resources are allocated using a market mechanism of demand and supply.

In How the Economy Works, you will investigate the goals of governments, such as economic growth, low unemployment, stable price inflation and balancing export and import trade. You will also investigate some international economics, such as the economics of globalisation.

Economics is great if you want to understand how prices work to guide resources in our economy. You will enjoy this subject if you are interested in politics and current affairs. You may gain a strong interest at GCSE, and wish to take Economics at A-100% examination—two 1 hour 45 minute papers. Level. Economics is a very popular degree at many leading universities, and would allow you to gain employment in many industries.


100% examination—two 1 hour 45 minute papers.