Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Exam Board: AQA

If you enjoy discussing current issues and are interested in solving moral dilemmas, investigating different belief systems and developing your own opinion, then Philosophy and Ethics is perfect for you.

You will study:

Christian and Muslim beliefs, teaching and practices 

Peace and conflict
Is war ever just? What is terrorism? Are some actions unforgivable? How can we reconcile with enemies?

Religion and life
Are religion and science compatible? How should we treat the planet? Should we test on animals? What do religions think about abortion and euthanasia?

Crime and punishment
Why is there evil? Why do people commit crime? What is the best way to deal with criminals?

Relationships and families
What do religious believers think about marriage, divorce, contraception and same-sex marriage? Are men and women equal? What role do parents play?

Human rights and social justice
Do the wealthy have a responsibility to take care of the poor? What are our human rights?

The existence of God
Does complexity in the universe infer an intelligent designer? Do miracles happen? Why is suffering a problem for God?

Possible career paths include a teacher, a social worker, a lawyer, a police officer and many more. You will gain many transferable skills such as constructing arguments, communication, debating and evaluation skills, as well as having a firm grip on current, worldwide events.


100% examination—two exam papers (each worth 101 marks). There is a variety of short answer and essay-type questions.