Enterprise and Marketing

Exam Board: OCR

This qualification is the same size and level as a GCSE and is aimed at anyone who would like to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to research, plan, pitch and review an enterprise idea. The qualification enables learners to develop their skills in a practical way and includes learning about the use of market research, carrying out financial transactions, factors that can affect the performance of an enterprise, and developing an enterprise idea.

There are three core components to this qualification:

In unit 1, Enterprise and marketing concepts, students will explore the different promotional methods used by enterprises and the factors that influence how enterprises identify and target their market.

In unit 2, Design a business proposal, students will learn about the characteristics of an enterprise, explore how market research helps enterprises meet customer needs and investigate the factors that contribute to an enterprise’s success.

In unit 3, Market and pitch a business proposal, students will individually select and develop their own enterprise idea. They will plan and pitch their business plan to an audience and then use the feedback to review their plan and pitch.

Those studying this qualification and achieve well at KS4 may wish to progress to vocational study at KS5, such as BTEC Business Studies. This qualification is also a good precursor to work in the business sector as an apprentice or trainee.


Unit 1: Enterprise and marketing concepts
(externally assessed examination – 40%)

Unit 2: Design a business proposal
(internally assessed controlled assessment – 30%)

Unit 3: Market and pitch a business proposal
(internally assessed controlled assessment – 30%)