New GCSE Design & Technology

All Year 9 GCSE Design and Technology Students will have an Internal Assessment on the week beginning 30th April

It will be 60 minutes and marked out of 50 (about 1 min per park plus reading and checking time)

The main revision document is linked below (REPAIRED)

The Keep Up Not Catch Up Revision Booklet for your second internal assessment is HERE and has also been sent to you on Insight. (The link was down but has now been fixed)

Previous Revision resources

Writing a Design Brief and Design Specification

Families and Types of Wood

Wood Joints

  • Types of Wood Joint; advantages, disadvantages
  • Use of wood tools, machines and finishes
  • Marking Out Tools; Marking Gauge, Steel Rule, Try square
  • Cutting Tools; Tenon Saw, Coping Saw, Bevelled Edge Chisel
  • Wasting Tools; Glasspaper
  • Woodworking Machines; Pillar Drill

NEW! Wood Tools

Types of Motion

Cams, Bell Cranks, Pulleys & Gears

Modelling, Testing and Evaluation

  • Use of models to check the function of Mechanisms

Evaluating (good points, bad points and improvements) of Products in relation to all super words

Drawing Techniques:

  • Isometric
  • Orthographic​
  • Exploded

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