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Writing a Design Brief and Design Specification

Families and Types of Wood

Wood Joints

  • Types of Wood Joint; advantages, disadvantages
  • Use of wood tools, machines and finishes
  • Marking Out Tools; Marking Gauge, Steel Rule, Try square
  • Cutting Tools; Tenon Saw, Coping Saw, Bevelled Edge Chisel
  • Wasting Tools; Glasspaper
  • Woodworking Machines; Pillar Drill

NEW! Wood Tools

Types of Motion

Cams, Bell Cranks, Pulleys & Gears

Modelling, Testing and Evaluation

  • Use of models to check the function of Mechanisms

Evaluating (good points, bad points and improvements) of Products in relation to all super words

Drawing Techniques:

  • Isometric
  • Orthographic​
  • Exploded

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