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GCSE Food Technology


YEAR 11 FOOD TECHNOLOGY - Practical Resources & Video Links

Practical skills

FutureChef Resource Gateway
Learning Bites - Videos and handouts, powerpoints
Portion and fillet a chicken
Chestnut stuffed chicken with Brian Turner
Fillet a fish
Cornish Sean Brea, with nicoise salad
Spiced Sweet Potatoes
Food Presentation
Food Presentation
Health and Hygiene
Food Storage
WJEC - EDUCAS Practical skills videos
Filleting a fish
Slicing raw meat
Portioning a chicken (including filleting)
Bridge hold and Claw grip
Peeling, Dicing, Julienne, Baton
Prepare fruits and vegetables
Scissor snip, Mashing, Peeling
Prepare combine and shape
Mix, coat, shape and bind wet mixtures (Fish cakes)
Tenderise and marinate
Weigh and measure
Using measuring spoons
Weighing dry ingredients
Measuring liquid
Use of equipment
Using a blender, and Using a food processor
Water based methods using the hob
Boiling and simmering, Poaching
Dry heat and fat based methods using the hob
Shallow frying, Dry frying, Stir frying
Using the grill
Using the oven
Make sauces
Making sauces
Making a roux
Making an all in one sauce
Making and emulsion sauce
Use of raising agents
Whisking egg whites
Test for readiness
Using a temperature probe -
Judge and manipulate sensory properties
Seasoning with herbs and spices
Sea fish Fish Preparation - Masterclass Series
Potato Cutting skills Amazing potato cutting
Knife skills How to hold a knife
Cookery skills A collection of common recipes
Illuminate Publishing Jointing a chicken VIDEO
BBC Good Food How to prepare a whole fish VIDEO
British Meat and Education
VIDEO Practical skills and supporting powerpoints and sheets/recipes
  • Knife skills
  • Making meat tender
  • Meat preparation - prepare, combine and shape
  • Cooking meat - using the grill
  • Cooking meat - using the oven
  • Cooking meat - using the hob.
The Staff Canteen offers an insight into world’s best chefs. Michelin star chefs The Staff Canteen YouTube channel. Clare Smyth at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, etc
The Cookery teacher
With her food science training Barbara takes the lid off cookery, and the science behind it. The site is designed for those keen to bring more knowledge to their kitchen as they learn about food or for anyone teaching food, or food science.
My Cooking Counts
On-line portfolio to map progression and achievement of cooking skills
Active Kids Get Cooking
An award scheme with resources which supports healthy eating and practical cooking throughout food technology
Real Meals Cookbook Downloadable pdf of simple 50-60 minutes recipes for schools
Rotary Club Young Chefs Competition
BBC Secret Life of your Favourite dishes BBC with Stefan Gates Where does your food come from and how dishes are made
National Butchers Week
Butchers are available around the country to assist in sausage making sessions, so why not contact your local butcher and get him involved, or track down your local butcher through
Licence to Cook Archive

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