From Monday 23rd March, until further notice, Toot Hill School will only be open for children of key workers and vulnerable groups. Registration links are available on the home page.



Every lesson you will need to bring the following:

  • Planner
  • Exercise book
  • Current private reading book
  • Pencil case including:
  • A black or blue biro (plus a spare, in case it runs out!)
  • Highlighter pens - two colours at least
  • Pencil & sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Some coloured pencil crayons (definitely not felt tips!)

Ideally you would bring a plastic elasticated wallet, so that any A4 pieces of work you produce can be transported between home and school and vice versa, without becoming crumpled. They aren't heavy to carry! You don't need to worry about bringing a whiteboard,a dictionary or a thesaurus, as these will be provided in the department. They are heavy to carry!


You will use your exercise book for drafting purposes and responses to assessed work. All work needs to be clearly dated, titled and ruled off at the end.

Drafted work still needs to be neat!

There is no such thing as rough work or a rough book!

However, all work you produce in draft form will show evidence of your own corrections. All the best writers improve their writing constantly, by thinking of better words, phrases and structures to use. You are expected (not just allowed) to make alterations, by changing words, sentence structure and punctuation on draft work, but you do this neatly, by the use of simple lines, arrows and altered letters.

All writing must be produced neatly, from the outset. Scruffiness will be challenged.

You will also work through booklets in each unit of work. These are designed to ensure all planning and notes are neat, clear and helpful. 

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