Reading Lessons

Reading Lessons

All Year 7 & 8 pupils will be given one directed reading session per week throughout the school year. In these lessons, your English teacher will monitor your reading record and guide you towards achieving the next stage you are aiming for. Silence will be expected at all sessions.

Exercise your mind!

Reading does take more concentration than watching television, it’s true. When we watch television, it’s easier because the picture is in front of us; we don’t have to make ideas happen in our mind. But that’s one of the reasons that reading helps improve our minds and imaginations. Bodies and minds need exercising to be healthy.

Even when we're watching television though, we're making sense of what we see and reading the meaning we're being shown. If you can understand most television programmes, you'll be able to read. It's just a matter of getting in the habit. If you read a book for every TV programme you watched, you'd be an excellent reader.

There's always a moment we can catch to pick up a book, or a newspaper; in the garden, in your bedroom, on the loo, wherever…Just keep reading!


Mrs. Litherland will support you as much as she possibly can, by suggesting books in the LRC and allowing you the time and facilities to read and respond to tasks whenever the LRC is open.


A special note to all parents and carers - this is how you can help!

Although we wouldn’t necessarily expect parents to listen to children read, as might have been the case at primary school, we would still hope that you take an interest in your child’s reading habits and that you might support them in the following ways:

  • read regularly in front of your children - let them see you do it too...
  • have books readily available and on show around the house - update your library...
  • shop for books together, or visit the library together...
  • have broadsheet newspapers delivered and discuss articles together...
  • sign your child's reading record regularly and chat about the books they've read...

In this technological age, it is easy to underestimate the value of reading and realistically we could spend all our lesson time on this one area – time is available at home as well as at school – let's encourage our children to read in both places – it's an absolutely vital skill!