Revision Material for Year 8

Year 7 and 8 revision tips for summer 2016 internal assessments

How is the exam structured?

Reading Section

  1. Read Source A lines 1-20.  Choose four statements out of a total of 8 that are TRUE.  (4 marks)
  2. Read Sources A and B.  Write a summary of the differences between the two articles.  (8 marks)
  3. You now need to refer only to Source A.  How does the writer use language to _____________?   (12 marks)
  4. Compare how the writers _________using whole of source A and source B. (16 marks)

Marked out of a total of 40 marks


Writing section

Writing Exam – 45 minutes

Students will be given a writing question. 

The purpose will be to argue/persuade/inform or explain.

Marked out of a total of 40 marks


How to structure the answers

  • Question 1 – True or False
  • Question 2 - 2 times PEECEEL (Point, evidence, explain, compare, evidence, explain, link).  
  • Question 3 – 3 times PELE (Point, evidence, language technique, explain).
  • Question 4 – 4 times PELECELE (Point, evidence, language technique, explain, compare, evidence, language technique, explain).

Tips for revision

Question 1 – Read an article write 4 true and 4 false statements and swap with a partner identifying the true facts in each other’s statements.

Question 2 – Read two articles and annotate them for what is similar and what is different. Practise writing PEECEEL paragraphs on their differences.

Question 3 – Read articles and practice annotating it for language techniques. Practise writing PELE paragraphs on the effect of the language used. Make terminology revision cards to help remember the techniques.

Question 4 – Read two articles annotating them for language techniques. Practise writing PELECELE paragraphs comparing how the language use is different or similar in both articles.

Question 5 – Practise using the AFOREST techniques, using clear discourse markers and a range of punctuation using the following questions.

  • Write an argument for or against the compulsory school leaving age being 18.
  • Write an article informing teenagers how they can live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Write an argument for or against pupils being allowed to take holidays in school time.
  • Write an argument for or against which is better exams or coursework.  

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