Year 7 Curriculum

We are keen to encourage pupils to be creative and imaginative as well as accurate and articulate, alongside ensuring that they are adequately prepared for their exams in Year 11. The long road to success starts here and the Year 7 programme reflects a desire to encourage pupils to use language to reflect their increasing understanding of the world around them and to express their thoughts and ideas convincingly and engagingly. Pupils will also develop the ability to use language, form and style appropriate to audience and purpose.

Topics covered by the Year 7 programme of study

Discovering Description

An introductory unit which concludes with a descriptive writing assessment.

Poetry Anthology: Preparation for the November exam

Section A- A poem from an anthology of six key poems and Section B- An unseen poem.


Theme- Identity

  • My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
  • The Boy With the Stripes Pyjamas
  • Chinese Cinderella
  • Fat Boy Swim

Also to be included: Extract based literary heritage booklet exploring the work of Charles Dickens

Non-fiction: Preparation for the Summer exam

Section A - 2 x unseen non-fiction texts and Section B - A transactional writing task


Students study a range of Shakespeare's works with a focus upon identity. This module will conclude with a Speaking and Listening assessment.

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