Gifted & Talented Provision in Art & Design

Identification: We identify Gifted and Talented students through the following ways:

  • Teacher Assessments
  • Tracking
  • Homework Projects
  • Group discussions
  • Peer Assessments

Students who are Gifted and Talented are most likely to show some some of the following characteristics:

  • Creative flair
  • Imagination
  • Successful and hard working
  • Eager
  • Risk takers
  • Critical
  • Know their intentions

Strategies used to help realise the potential of our Gifted and Talented Students:

  • Extended tasks
  • Teaching strategies for learning styles
  • Questioning and presentation
  • Self-assessment of one's own work
  • Art Academy
  • Independent learning
  • Differentiated Gifted and Talented homework projects
  • Gifted and Talented learning log
  • Aspiring A-A* Club
  • Opportunity to be an art ambassador
  • Workshops with the resident artist
  • 'The Big Draw: Arise and Sketch' G&T Day for Year 7
  • G&T Learning Logs tailored to Key Stages 4 and 5

Examples of Gifted and Talented Artwork

The Big Draw: Arise and Sketch

For the first year Toot Hill School's most promising Year 7 artists are participating in the national project Big Draw with a whole day of drawing activities.

The gifted and talented year 7 pupils of Toot Hill School will experiment with drawing to create personal drawing skills books as well as a resolved piece using the skills acquired. By taking part in a range of drawing workshops the students will learn what techniques allow them to create successful, creative and exciting images. They will use these skills to develop this knowledge and artistic skills set to realise their intentions in a finished piece.

The event took place on November 4th 2014 and was a huge success. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to learn the following skills:

  • Mono Printing
  • Continuous Line Drawing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Illustration & artist response
  • Book Binding
  • A range of refinement techniques
  • Creative and personal resolution piece
  • Logging their own development

Below are images of the pupils at work.

Bingham 500 anniversary Art Competition- Celebrating Seven Centuries as a market town:

To coincide with the Bingham Summer Fair's medieval theme, local children were asked to produce artwork imagining what the Bingham marketplace may have looked like in medieval times. A handful of year 7's and 8's were specially selected from the Gifted and Talented register and were taken off timetable gto produce their response. The day involved a photo shoot around Bingham, a photo manipulation workshop and a mixed media workshop. Here are the fruits of their labour.

Art Enrichment Opportunities:

Ask Miss Cassidy or Miss Leech about the following :

  • A-A* Club for KS4
  • Arts Award

Keep an eye out for up and coming competitions on the Art and Design news page and the competition notice board on the main art corridoor!

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