We are open to Y10/12 students for small group teaching on a rota basis from Monday 22nd June. We remain open to Key Worker and Vulnerable students.

Gifted & Talented Provision in Philosophy & Ethics

G&T in Philosophy and ethics

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Plato

Identification of G&T Pupils:

The identification of students who are gifted in Philosophy and Ethics should be approached on the basis of distinct Philosophy and Ethics ability, skills, competencies and insights, thus a teacher's professional judgement is crucial. It can be identified through:

  • Quality of classwork and contributions in class
  • KS3 Internal Assessments
  • KS4 Internal Assessments
  • In class assessments
  • Teacher assessment
  • Homework projects

Gifted and Talented Criteria for Philosophy and Ethics

Students who are gifted in Philosophy and Ethics are likely to: 

  • Show high levels of insight into, and discernment beyond, the obvious and ordinary 
  • Make sense of, and draw meaning from, religious symbols, metaphors, texts and practices
  • Understand, apply and transfer ideas and concepts across topics in Philosophy and Ethics, and into other religious and cultural contexts

In more general terms, they may also: 

  • Have highly-developed skills of comprehension, analysis and research 
  • Show quickness of understanding and depth of thought

Provision for Able, Gifted &Talented in Philosophy and Ethics

Provision within lessons:

  • Focus on thinking skills and analytical questioning 
  • Extended questioning techniques to develop students’ verbal explanations 
  • Open ended homework projects throughout all key stages that encourage development of higher level thinking and encourage independent learning.
  • Pupils given access to mark schemes at KS4/5 in order to attain the highest marks
  • Pupils use mark schemes to peer and self-assess sample answers

Provision outside of lessons:

  • GCSE Academy group for Year 10/11 students wishing to undertake an additional GCSE
  • Philosophy and Ethics ambassador program
  • Philosophy and Ethics staff have given lectures to whole school Able & Aspiring cohort
  • Selection of books available, suitable for all key stages, that students can borrow
  • KS5 primary texts available to consolidate and enhance students' learning