AS/A Level Homework and Coursework

Essay Cheat Sheets

Pupils will have been given tables with all possible essay and interpreation questions on. They will be set essays from these and should endeavour to plan all of these before they sit their exam and write an answer and hand in to be marked as many as they can.

Other Homework

AS and A2 History is a rigorous, demanding and highly academic course. Students are expected to read widely around the subject and will be set reading to do.

All aspects of the AS and A2 course have booklets of readings that are given to the students. Teachers will set readings and notes from these booklets and they represent an excellent body of revision for students. It is expected that all students will complete all the readings and note taking that teachers set.

However, students should not consider that the readings set by the teacher are the whole extent of the learning they need to do out of lessons if they wish to be successful.

Students at Toot Hill have access to a well stocked private study library and work room that is just for College Humanities students. There is a very good range of academic books on all subjects of the A level course that will greatly improve students understanding, and it is expected hat students should spend some considerable time in their free periods in the Humanities study room doing wider reading.

Year 13 Personal Study (NEA)

The Coursework:

  • Worth 20% of your overall A Level Grade.
  • The coursework is out of a total of 40.
  • The coursework is to be 4,000 words
  • You must evaluate 3 different types of primary source.
  • You must include a debate between 2 academic historians.
  • The coursework must show change and continuity over 100 years and select evidence from the beginning, middle and end of the period 1865-1968.
  • You must also include a bibliography that needs to include at least 8 substantial sources. This means you must have some heavyweight historians included in your writing. E.g. Fairclough.


  • In the context of the period 1861 – 1968, to what extent was ….X ….the most significant individual in the struggle for African- American Civil Rights? (MLK, Johnson, Booker T. Washington or Malcom X)
  • How far were Presidents the most relevant factor in advancing African- American Civil Rights between 1861 - 1968?
  • To what extent was War the most significant factor in advancing African- American Civil Rights between 1861 - 1968?
  • To what extent was the Supreme Court the most significant factor in advancing African- American Civil Rights between 1861 - 1968?

Important dates and deadlines:

Independent research and consolidation of topical knowledge. You need to be finding Historians to back up arguments and contradicting too. You should already have a rough plan of where you will be going—direct your reading around this.

Remember here this is an essential stage for preparation.

You can also have contact time with your teacher and speak to them regarding problems. DO NOT IGNORE AN ISSUE, DEAL WITH IT STRAIGHT AWAY.

Deadlines: These must be met, if not a letter will go home to your parents and you will need to come to after school boosters until you have caught up.

Research Pack Monday 18th September for 3 books or journals
Reading sheets Monday 2nd October for 3 books or journals
Primary sources evaluated Monday 9th October
Select Historians Monday 16th October (Just before October half-term)
Detailed planning sheet completed. Monday 30th October
Draft 1– (without historians and primary sources) Monday 27th November
Draft 2 Monday 15th January
Draft 3 Monday 12th February (Just before February half-term)
Final Submission Monday 26th March (Just before Easter holiday)

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