GCSE Homework

GCSE Year 10 and 11 Homework - Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets require students to take home the "cheat sheet" with exam questions on to plan out their answers.

They are set a deadline for when the test will be in class. On the day of the test, students MUST bring their plans and the teacher will roll a dice to see which question the students will do. Students can then use their plans to help them answer in timed conditions.

These tests take place every three weeks so students will almost always have cheat sheet home works to do.

  • Year 10- student cheat sheets have three exam questions to plan
  • Year 11- Student Cheat sheets have five exam questions to plan.

These cheat sheets mean that for every exam answer students practise, they have planned and revised several more. This requires students to be going back over the course and revising constantly, and has been shown to have a dramatic effect on students' confidence and exam performance where it is followed conscientiously.

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