Year 7 Homework

In year 7, homework takes the form of three homework projects, one per term. These usually take place over several weeks so that students learn how to manage their time and take responsibility for a long term project.

Term 1 - Who do you think you are project

Students must complete six different tasks related to their family history and put these together, either as a booklet, folder or presentation board. These tasks include talking to parents about their early lives, talking to grandparents, finding the family tree and learning family stories.

Obviously, the department is sensitive to the fact that all family circumstances are different and therefore where some members of the family are not available to interview we ask the students to complete those tasks as best they can

Term 2 - Local History Project

Students complete a local History project, based either on where they live now or where they are originally from. Students must choose a question to study (such as "What happened in Nottingham during World War II" or "Why has Boots been so important in Nottingham" or "What was Bingham's role in World War I") and examples of these questions can be found in the booklet.

A series of tasks are laid out and students must present their homework as a project, with specific sections which are mentioned in the booklet.

Term 3 - History around the World

- To follow

August 2020


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