Year 8 Homework

In year 8, homework takes the form of two homework projects, one in term 1 and another in term 3. These usually take place over several weeks so that students learn how to manage their time and take responsibility for a long term project.

Term 1 - Personal Study

Students must choose their own question from any period of history based on their own personal interest. The question must be based on a debate rather than narrative history (E.g. "What was the most important factor in Hitler losing World War II" rather than "Why did Hitler lose World War II") and students fill in a project proposal sheet and hand to their teacher.

Students then have responsibility for managing their time for the rest of the term to produce a high quality essay that they have researched themselves

Term 2 - Individual homework

Currently, teachers set homework when and where appropriate on World War I, the inter-war years and World War II in this term.

Term 3 - History in my lifetime

Students complete a project explaining the causes, events and consequences of a major historical event that has happened within their lifetime.

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