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​We follow the AQA HISTORY GCSE.

Course Outline

Over the course of your History GCSE you will cover four exciting and varied topics. For your first paper you will study great change in Germany, looking at the rise of Hitler and how he took power, focusing on World War II. You will then go on to look at a period where the world came to brink of nuclear war and Armageddon but was brought back again. The second paper will focus on the history of Britain, exploring surgery and treatment, and becoming aid workers, disease hunters and experts on medicine throughout time. You will then explore the battles of 1066 and the invasion and rule of a foreign king.

What are the 4 topics we study?

  • Living Under Nazis Rule, 1888-1914
  • Conflict and Tension, 1945-1972.
  • Norman England, 1066-1100.
  • The People's Health, c.1000 to the present day.

Assessment details

100% examination – two 1 hour and 45 minute papers based on knowledge and source questions.

Paper Content: Style of Questions % of overall grade Duration:
Paper 1 Understanding the Modern World.
Germany 1890-1945
Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972
Section A:
5 compulsory exam questions (40 marks)
  • 3 interpretation question asking you ‘why they are different, how they are different, which is more convincing’
  • 2 knowledge Questions: Describe a key event or problem and then a factor comparison question.
Section B:
4 compulsory questions (40 marks)
2 source questions
1 Explain question.
  1. ‘Statement’ How far do you agree?
+ 4 marks for SPAGST. (Spelling, punctuation, grammar and specialist terminology)
Marks: 84
1 hour 45 minutes
Paper 2 Shaping the Nation.
Britain: Health and the people.
Norman England 1066-1100.
Section A:
5 compulsory exam questions (40 marks)
2 x (4 mark) source questions
1 x Explain the significance of…
2 x Comparison factor questions.
Section B:
4 compulsory exam questions (40 marks)
1 x (6 mark) interpretation question
1 x (10 mark) History around us question
1 x (8 mark) explain why
1 x (16 mark) ‘Statement’ How far do you agree.
+4 marks for SPAGST.
1 hour
45 minutes


These are on a:

  • Tuesday in H4/H5- 3.30-4.30
  • Wednesday in H4/H5- 3.30-4.30

Homework/exam skills help: Wednesday lunch period 6 in H7

Where can I find out about the exam?

Please use this website address to get further information on GCSE History.

What textbooks and revision guides are available?

What useful websites are there to revise from?

Cold War:


The History of Medicine:


  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/history/mwh/germany/

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