Why do A Level?

So why should I take History at A level? What's so good about it?

  • Well, for one, we think history is really interesting. It teaches you about where you have come from and what lessons we can learn from events of the past.
  • It is a highly respected academic qualification. It is universally respected by universities and goes well with any combination of subjects for any professional career. University admissions tutors know that if you have done history you have completed a challenging, rigorous and very independent qualification.
  • It encourages you to study independently. We have a vast array of resources available, including our own history library and quiet work room which is  specifically for the use of college humanities students. We have a huge variety of books and journal articles as well as computer access to an online archive of historical writing.

Overall, history is great for everyone and can be a strong foundation for any career. University History graduates often go on to:

  • Business
  • Architects
  • Finance and banking
  • Teaching!!!!
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Police
  • Television
  • Armed forces
  • Research
  • Journalism
  • Medicine

However, even for students who are dedicated to the sciences or to mathematics, History is an excellent option to take. It shows the top universities that you are not just a good scientist or mathematician - it shows that you can write, think and study in a much more rounded way and that your talents are broad.

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