Internal Assessments

On this page you will find information about the internal assessments (2018-19) at Toot Hill School.

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Year Group Assessment Date Assessment Timetable
7 Assessment 1 of 1 23/04/19-10/05/19
8 Assessment 1 of 1 21/01/19-01/02/19 Exam Timetable
9 Assessment 1 of 1 23/04/19-10/05/19
10 Assessment 1 Part 1 (EMS)
Assessment 1 Part 2 (Full suite)
Exam Timetable
11 Assessment 1 Part 1 (EMS)
Assessment 1 Part 2 (Full Suite)
Assessment 2 Part 1 (EMS)
Assessment 2 Part 2 (Full Suite)
GCSE Examinations
Start w/b 13/05/19
Exam Timetable
Exam Timetable
Exam Timetable
Exam Timetable
12 Assessment 1 of 1 26/11/18-30/11/18 Exam Timetable
13 Assessment 1
Assessment 2
A-Level Examinations
Start w/b 13/05/19
Exam Timetable
Exam Timetable

Internal assessments are an important for both pupils and teachers. For pupils it is a chance to how much they have progressed in their knowledge and skills in a range of subjects. Teachers use the results from these assessments and their effort in lessons, to monitor if a pupil is progressing as expected. We also use the results to analyse how effective our curriculum is at securing strong pupil progress and development.

While we want pupils to take their assessments seriously, we do not want them to be the cause of undue stress or pressure. Our tiering system has been developed to try to place the children at the centre of our provision, and assessments play a vital part in informing our short and medium term planning. We continue to devote time and energy to refining the assessments themselves, and the way in which we prepare pupils.

Assessments are focused on finding out the knowledge, understanding and skills that pupils have developed; there aren’t any trick questions and reflect the style of questions they may face in GCSE/A-Level examinations! If a pupil is unsure during an assessment, they should just make their best effort; we cannot and do not ask any more than that. Teachers supervise the assessments, and they will try to help pupils within the spirit of the assessment.

Pupils need to prepare for the assessments properly. Class teachers will prepare a revision program for them , this will involve a topic checklist and a revision pack. All these materials can be found via the subject links at the bottom of this webpage:

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