We are open to Y10/12 students for small group teaching on a rota basis from Monday 22nd June. We remain open to Key Worker and Vulnerable students.


Parents can help by:

  • Helping your child to find the best way to learn vocabulary and phrases by heart.
  • Checking that homework is being completed to the best of your child's ability and handed (or completed online) in on time.
  • Checking that Active Learn homeworks have been completed in time and in full.
  • Encouraging pupils to seek help with problems prior to their next languages lesson.

Pupils can help themselves by:

  • Always having the right equipment.
  • Listening carefully to their teacher and to others.
  • Always completing their homework, using Insight to check deadlines and print worksheets.
  • Learning vocabulary on a regular basis.
  • Checking their work carefully for spelling and grammar.
  • Asking for help BEFORE the homework is due in.
  • Completing their Active Learn homework properly and in full.

Vocabulary - www.quizlet.com : Ask your teacher for the class to look for (usually Toothillyear...+your language).

pearsonactivelearn.com - Reading and Listening practice (set fortnightly for KS4 students)

Homework - Years 7 & 8

You will have a booklet to complete each half term - there will be vocabulary to learn in these and some exercises to help you practise too.

Homework - Years 9 & 10


Your teacher will tell you your username (normally the same as your school one).

Make a note of your password once you've changed it!

Years 9 and 10 will also have 2 written questions to prepare every 2 weeks. These will be linked to themes, vocabulary and grammar covered in lessons. It will be part of their homework on alternate weeks to prepare and revise key structures to answer these questions.

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