Spanish Homework

Each year group receives a homework schedule indicating what is required of them.

Year 7

In year 7, students will receive a homework booklet and schedule for each module of study.

These booklets will contain the vocabulary and/or grammar they need to revise on any given week, as well as a variety of different exercises or tasks to support this.

This homework is designed to help improve their understanding and use of the basics as they get to grips with languages early on in year 7, and give them exposure to new language as well as different and varied cultural aspects of the French speaking world.

Students may, in addition to or instead of this, have some more extended pieces of writing to complete as homework to support the work done in lessons..

Year 8

In year 8, pupils will receive a homework booklet which is tailored to their class to support their in-class learning at home.

As part of this, they will need to learn vocabulary and grammar on a weekly basis to re-enforce the language studied in lessons, and will have translation, comprehension and written tasks to complete to prepare them for the type and style of tasks they will need to be comfortable with at GCSE.

Throughout the year, there will also be some extended writing projects which will be prepared and explained in lessons for students to complete at home with (where necessary) support materials too help them.


Homework at GCSE comes in a variety of forms:

  • Weekly tasks to complete on the Active Learn system (as instructed and explained in class time);
  • Weekly vocab/grammar - students will have modular vocab lists available to them and vocabulary will be available on quizlet for additional practice;
  • Revision for GCSE style speaking assessments - whether picture based, conversation or role play (once per term);
  • Extended/creative writing tasks (once per term)

AS/A Level

Students will receive vocabulary and grammar revision and practice from both teachers on a weekly basis - either in preparation for upcoming lessons, or to consoldiate learning from prior lessons.

In addition to this, they will receive a comprehension task, a research task or an extended written task (speaking preparation or essay) from one of their teachers every week.

Pupils will be given a list of useful websites to use to support their learning and completion of homework at the beginning of the year.

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