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Most students will be expected to follow either French or Spanish in core learning time, where they have 3 lessons a week. We follow the Edexcel language course and students are assessed in all four skills.

Each skill is equally weighted, and assessed by terminal exam. There is a separate speaking exam which includes a picture based conversation, a role play and 2 conversations (one on a pre selected topic, the other on a different topic studied throughout the course). Reading, Listening and Writing are assessed in a formal written exam at the end of year 11.

For all four skills, we study a range of themes as prescribed by Edexcel:

  • Personal Identity and Culture
  • Local Area and Holidays
  • Education and Training
  • Ambitions and the World of Work
  • The Wider World - volunteering, international events and the environment

The revised curriculum aims to embed relevant cultural understanding and increased exposure to cultural capital to improve wider knowledge of countries where their language of study is used and spoken, and to further enhance their global citizenship.

As part of their homework, pupils are expected to learn vocabulary for weekly tests, as well as completing weekly reading and translation tasks which are designed to help them rehearse, practice and retain core linguistic knowledge and develop their skills base in applying language. Pupils are also expected to complete regular reading and listening exercises to improve their skills further. These exercises are primarily done on the online Active Learn system (www.pearsonactivelearn.com).

Students can also gain additional practice on quizlet.com (search for TootHillYear11French or TootHillYear11Spanish) (for vocabulary), GCSE Bitesize (for explanations, reading and listening) and languagesonline.org.uk (for grammar)

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