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Year 8 Curriculum

Pupils in year 8 build on prior knowledge from year 7 in order to develop the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing incorporating more complex language.

There are four main areas of study: Relationships, Youth Culture, Holidays, and a case study of a major international event. Students may also have the opportunity to produce their own short stories in French on a topic of their choice. We have moved away from textbook based learning in order to focus on core communicative skills and critical linguistic knowledge to help students succeed in their language of study.

As well as allowing pupils to access to work at beyond a grade 4 level throughout the year via authentic texts and materials, students also learn a variety of tenses and complex structures during the year. There is a high cultural focus on the wider world in year 8.

Most students continue with French or Spanish into GCSE, and the year 8 curriculum has been designed to prepare them for their continuing studies in years 9 - 11 and beyond.

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