Year 8 Curriculum

Pupils in year 8 build on prior knowledge from year 7 in order to develop the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing incorporating more complex language.

There are four main areas of study: Hobbies, Paris, Holidays and the Wider World and Identities in France. Students may also have the opportunity to produce their own short stories in French on a topic of their choice. We use Studio 2 as a source textbook, and this is supported by a variety of other different source materials in the target language.

As well as allowing pupils to access to work at beyond a grade 4 level throughout the year via authentic texts and materials, students also learn a variety of tenses and complex structures during the year. There is a high cultural focus on the wider world in year 8.

Most students continue with French into GCSE, and the year 8 curriculum has been designed to prepare them for their continuing studies in years 9 - 11 and beyond.

August 2019


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