GCSE Homework and CourseworkGeneral guidelines on coursework (example)

Homework is set once a week and is directly linked to coursework and exam preparation.

General guidelines on coursework (example)

Coursework Details
Learning Targets Meet coursework criteria for WJEC Media Studies GCSE
Assessment Criteria Coursework mark schemes from WJEC
Structure Guidance
  • A 600 word essay comparing a recent film with an historical film
  • A colour storyboard for a new film
  • A DVD cover for a new film
Presentation Format Essay, storyboard, A4 DVD cover
Key Words High Concept / Editing / Special effects / The Star System / Vertical Integration / Marketing / Product
Key Facts/Points Each of these pieces can be submitted in the final GCSE folder. The folder is worth 60% of the final grade.
Sources of Information
  • Videos
  • Promotional web pages for recent films
  • Film magazines
Provision for Pupils with Special Needs Each of these tasks are differentiated by outcome as well as teaching and learning strategies.
Deadline Easter break

April 2021


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