GCSE Media

About the 2017 GCSE Media Exam

  • Your coursework accounts for 60% of your GCSE and this exam the remaining 40%.
  • Section A: Newspapers.
  • Section B: Radio News
  • The exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes long.
  • 15 minutes of this time will be used to study the unseen text(s).

Section A

Four questions total 40 marks based on the following key concepts:

  • Textual analysis
  • Genre
  • Representation
  • Narrative
  • Institution/industry/regulation
  • Audiences

Section B

The creative task(s) where you must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of radio news codes and conventions. The total for this section is also 40 marks.

Examiners will mark positively for:

  • Use of media language and theories
  • Drawing on examples of your own learning
  • A clear focus on audience targeting
  • Analysis rather than description
  • Detailed thorough and specific responses

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