Year 7 Curriculum

Autumn Term

  • Introduction to Toot Hill: making friends, organisational Skills
  • Learning Skills: how our brains work, how we learn best
  • Emotional Health and Well Being: bullying, healthy eating

Spring Term

  • Stress: learning strategies to cope with the pressures of exams etc.
  • Smoking: Facts about smoking, understanding the reasons why people smoke, resisting peer pressure
  • Sex and Relationships Education: understanding and coping with puberty, how the body changes, relationships with family and friends

Summer Term

  • School Linking: An introduction to our link school in South Africa
  • Being a Citizen: belonging to a community, why we have rules, being a citizen, personal responsibilities
  • Developing school grounds/Recycling: knowing why and how we recycle, setting green targets, planning a school wide recycling project
  • Sun Safety: learning how to stay safe in the sun