Key Stage 3

The RE Department regards homework as an integral part of learning. It allows pupils to develop skills in independent learning and research and gives opportunity to look beyond the classroom for inspiration and information. Homework is set by individual classroom teachers and is dependent on the nature of the pupils in different classes. Work is set on a fortnightly basis but some pieces may be set consecutively depending on the nature of the work and aspect of the course.


Over the year pupils will have a variety of homework tasks in RE which may include interviewing and gathering opinions on moral issues, creative writing e.g. creation myths, newspaper articles, speculative writing; comparing different influential leaders, collecting images and many more tasks. Pupils have a keyword sheet for each unit studied. It is expected that definitions are filled in and the meaning and spelling of keywords are learnt.


Within RE pupils have two attainment targets - Learning about Religion e.g. beliefs, values and practices of different faith communities; and Learning from Religion e.g. responding and evaluating questions of meaning. Within the year pupils will complete three assessment pieces. These pieces of work will be awarded a level for one or both attainment targets according to the QCA level descriptors. Pupils will be given individual feedback on these pieces and how to progress on future work. To find out more about specific assessment pieces click on to the year you require.

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