GCSE Philosophy & Ethics HomeworkYear 10 | Year 11

Listed below are the homework tasks for the GCSE Philosophy & Ethics (Long Course). Each piece of homework is listed under the topic of the lesson(s) in which it is set.

Year 10

Philosophy Unit 1 - The Nature of Belief (Christinanity)

Introduction to Belief
Account of students own belief
Christian beliefs and values
Research one Christian and explain how their values have affected their beliefs e.g. Mother Teresa
An introduction to Christian places of worship
Revise for a quiz on items in a church
Worship in the church - public worship
Complete letter
Holy Communion
Complete written task
The importance of prayer
Learn information on the church and worship for a quiz next lesson
The use of food and fasting as a response to God
  • Students fast for one day (optional) and record how it made them feel and what they learnt about themselves or research religious communitites (monks and nuns) to find out why they eat a simple diet
  • Students bring in a tape of their favourite piece of music for next lesson
The use of music in Christian worship
Research a famous Christian artist and explain how their art reflected their beliefs
The use of Art in Christian worship
Complete stained glass windows
Private worship
Exam question (Q9)
Symbols in Christianity
Revise for test on unit 1

Philosophy Unit 2 - Religion and Science

An introduction to Religion and Science
Written task - Science has replace the need for religion - give your views on this statement referring to examples
Christian ideas about the origin of the world - the two creation myths
Written tasks - why would science dispute the religious view of creation?
Analysing Christian views of creation
Revise for a quiz on religious accounts of creation
Scientific views on the origin of the world and humanity
Revise for quiz on scientific views on the origin of the universe and life on Earth
An introduction to Christian views on the environment
Research one Christian environmental organisation and describe its aims and actions e.g. Christian Aid, CAFOD, Christian Ecology Link
The Christian response to environmental problems
Revise for a test on unit 2 (exam question)

Philosophy Unit 3 - Good and Evil

An introduction to evil
Students try to answer key question - where did evil come from?
Media views on evil
The problem of suffering
Written activity - Suffering proves that God does not exist - argue for and against and give your own views
God and evil
Finish exam question
Different types of evil and suffering
Research different views on Satan
Different beliefs about God and the Devil
Research Job and his attitude to suffering
The Christian response to suffering
Written task - All suffering has a purpose - argue for and against and refer to Christianity
How Christians tell right from wrong
Exam Question - Explain how a Christian might find out the right way to behave (7 marks)
An example of a Christian following Jesus example to make a moral decision - James Mawdsley
Finish exam question
Parables as a source of guidance
Revise for end of unit test

Philosophy Unit 4 - Death and the Afterlife

Introduction to death and the afterlife
Ask ten people their views on life after death
Near-death experiences
Bring in magazines for next lesson
Christian beliefs about the soul
Written assignment - Do you believe in a soul? - Give reasons for your answer
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
Research how artists have portrayed heaven and hell - try to find examples of pictures on the Internet - or draw your own pictures of heaven and hell
God as Judge
Written assignment - students write their own vision of a future perfect city (Nottingham)
Christian views on life after death
Research what happens at a Christian funeral
Christian funerals
Revise for test on unit 4

Year 11

Ethics Unit 1 - Religion, Peace and Justice

Introduction to war and peace
Individual research on a specific war - causes, consequences, the Christian view (prepare presentation for next lesson)
Can any war be a Just War?
Exam question - Was the Gulf War a Just War?
Holy Wars
Research the Crusades and explain why they are an example of a Holy War
Breaking the cycle of violence - forgiveness
Exam question - explain Christian teachings on forgiveness
  • Exam question - All Christians should be pacifists - argue for an against, referring to Christianity
  • Research the views of the Quakers
The aims of punishment
Survey public opinion on the death penalty (devise questionnaire and use it to survey the opinion of 20 people, including reasons for opinions)
The death penalty
  • Preparation for debate on the death penalty
  • Research on prisons - find a newspaper article on an issue associated with prisons
Social injustice - the treatment of prisoners
Research either the work of Elizabeth Fry or the work of prison chaplains
Social injustice - Human Rights abuses
  • Explain, with reference to Christian teachings, why a Christian might join Amnesty International
  • Write a letter to the UK government complaining about the treatment of Zimbabwean refugees (or a current human rights issue)
Liberation Theology
Write an obituary for Oscar Romero
Revise for test on unit 1

Ethics Unit 2 - Religion and Medical Ethics

The sanctity of life
Complete worksheet on the sanctity of life
Introduction to abortion
Survey ten people on their view on abortion
The right to life argument
For each pro life argument identified from the video try to write the pro choice viewpoint
The arguments for and against abortion
Finish essay
Introduction to euthanasia
Learn types of euthanasia
Involuntary euthanasia
Finish argument
An introduction to fertility treatment and the use of embryos
Find recent articles on the use of embryos/fertility treatment
Arguments for and against cloning
Students write their own view on this issue
The use of embryos
Complete worksheet
Revise for test on life and death issues
Using animals in medical research
Exam question - Explain Christian attitudes to the use of animals for medical research
Revise for test on unit 2

Ethics Unit 3 - Religion and Equality

Introduction to key issues
Find a recent example of prejudice in the newspapers
Martin Luther King
Research the views of other Christians on this issue e.g. Desmond Tutu, Trevor Huddleston
Introduction to Christian views on the roles of men and women
The arguments for and against female bishops
Sexism in the church
Complete exam question
The parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Finish modern version
  • Find an example of a modern day Good Samaritan or research the origins of The Samaritans
Revise for test on unit 3

Ethics Unit 4 - Religion, Poverty and Wealth

Poverty - introducing the issues
Students in pairs research one developing country and list the causes and effects of poverty in that country - for presentation next lesson
The problem of debt
Find out the causes of the famine in Niger and why the developed world was late in responding to this crisis
Christian organisations trying to alleviate poverty
Research the work of the Catholic (CAFOD) or Methodist church in their efforts to alleviate poverty - for presentation next lesson
Should Christians be wealthy?
Finish exam question
Biblical views on wealth and poverty
Learn 4 different biblical views on poverty
Christianity and wealth
Finish sheet
Myths about world poverty
Bring the job section of a newspaper to next lesson
Revise for test on unit 4

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