GCSE Short Course HomeworkYear 9 | Year 10

Listed below are the homework tasks for GCSE RE (Short Course). Each piece of homework is listed under the topic of the lesson(s) in which it is set.

Year 9

Unit 1 - Christian Perspectives - Prejudice and Discrimination

Introduction to key issues
Find a recent example of prejudice in the newspapers
Martin Luther King
Research the views of other Christians on this issue e.g. Desmond Tutu, Trevor Huddleston
Introduction to Christian views on the roles of men and women
The arguments for and against female bishops
Sexism in the church
Complete exam question
The parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Finish modern version
  • Find an example of a modern day Good Samaritan or research the origins of The Samaritans
Revise for test on unit 1

Unit 2 - Christian Perspectives - Personal Relationships

Introduction to personal relationships
Quick on definitions on worksheet next lesson
Perfect partners
Research views on astrology on relationships (star signs that make the best partners
Marriage partners
Key question - are Christian marriages more successful than secular marriages?
Sex and relationships
Write a letter to Danny as an agony aunt or uncle giving your advice on his dilemma
Christian views on sex
Exam question - The only place for sex is within a marriage - argue for and against and refer to Christian views
The purpose of Christian marriage
Ask parents for their views on marriage
Wedding vows
Research what happens in a Christian wedding
A Christian marriage service
Learn wedding vows for quiz next lesson
Family life
List important features of Christian family life (try to relate to teachings from the Bible)
Christian family life
Finish worksheet - Christian teachings about the family
Christian family duties
Exam question - Describe Christian teachings on the family
Introducing divorce
Answer the following question incorporating your own opinions and those studied in the lesson - Society would be a better place if there was no divorce (try to write a page)
Introducing Christian views on divorce
Research Catholic, Church of England and Methodist views on divorce
Christian views on remarriage in church
Exam question - Explain why Christians have different views about divorce
Revise for test on unit 2

Unit 3 - Judaism - Beliefs

Introduction. Why is Shema so important for Jews?
  • Research - Statistics on the number of Jewish believers
  • Jewish symbols and meaning
What is a covenant?
Research - find map of Israel. Label key cities - Jerusalem, Masda, flag, when the state was set up. Explain the importance of Israel for Jews today
Do all Jews believe and practise their beliefs in the same way?
Create a short portrait similar to Charles and Lara to introduce yourself to someone else, focusing on things which tell others about who you really are - Beliefs, Influences, Traditions, Values.
What is the Torah? What are mitzvot?
Create a collage/poster using recent news stories in relation to the Ten Commandments. Are the Ten Commandments being kept or broken in today's society?

Unit 4 - Judaism - Places and Forms of Worship

What are the main features of a synagogue?
Collect images of objects in a synagogue
How do Jews worship?
  • Collect pictures of Jewish prayer artefacts
  • Make comparison between other faith communities prayer rituals e.g. Muslim try to pray five times a day

Year 10

Unit 1 - Christian Perspectives - Life and Death Issues

The sanctity of life
Complete worksheet on the sanctity of life
Introduction to abortion
Survey ten people on their view on abortion
The right to life argument
For each pro life argument identified from the video try to write the pro choice viewpoint
The arguments for and against abortion
Finish essay
Introduction to euthanasia
Learn types of euthanasia
Involuntary euthanasia
Finish argument
An introduction to fertility treatment and the use of embryos
Find recent articles on the use of embryos/fertility treatment
Arguments for and against cloning
Students write their own view on this issue
The use of embryos
Complete worksheet
Revise for test on life and death issues

Unit 2 - Judaism - Festivals, feasts and special days

What are the key Jewish festivals?
Tasks on the preparation of Passover
What happens during the Sedar meal?
  • Complete tasks on Passover
  • Look at the positives and negatives of celebrating Passover
What is the importance of Passover for Jews today?
  • Review work
  • Find pictures of Jews celebrating Sukkot
How do Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah (New Year)?
Research on different religious traditions in celebrating New Year
What is the importance of Yom Kippur for Jews?
  • Fill in keyword sheet
  • Learn keywords and meaning
How do Jews welcome and celebrate Shabbat?
  • Complete wordsearch/crossword on festivals
  • Revise for unit test

Unit 3 - Judaism - Religion in the family

Why do Jews follow Kashrut laws?
  • Research kosher slaughtering - is it cruel?
  • Exam question - Explain how keeping the Jewish food laws might affect a Jews life. (7), seen both in a positive and negative way
What is circumcision?
  • Evaluate the relevance of circumcision for Jews today. "Circumcision is an out of date practice in a civilised religion." Do you agree?
  • Research birth ceremonies in other traditions
How do Jews mark becoming an adult?
  • Magazine article
  • Research Bar Mitzvah websites
What are the different rituals surrounding a Jewish wedding
Exam question - Explain the importance of marriage for Jews. "Marriage is essential for Jews." Do you agree? (8)
Death and Funeral Rites
  • Fill in keyword sheet
  • Learn keywords and meaning
How are women respected within Judaism?
  • Complete crossword
  • Revision for test next lesson

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