Why study Philosophy and Ethics?

Religion and Ethics has never been more relevant in today's world. In a rapidly changing multi-ethnic society religion is often the key to the way people think and act.

In the simplest terms, studying religion and belief has a claim to be an indispensable part of a complete education because of the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life. Most religions and beliefs offer answers to life’s deepest questions.

Philosophy and Ethics is a popular subject at Toot Hill School, enjoyed by many students. Here are just a few quotes from our students:

"Philosophy and Ethics allowed me to debate social and ethical issues which I believe really benefited me" - Georgia Maguire Yr 11 GCSE student

"Philosophy and Ethics provides you with different opinions and guidance to help you in the future" - Yr 11 Long Course Student

An academic qualification in Philosophy and Ethics is also highly valued by employers:

"It shows that a person has some understanding of the beliefs and values of others . . ." Police Recruitment Officer

"Religious Studies is a way of broadening your understanding of the world and of people. In this job you have to meet people from all walks of life and a huge range of cultural backgrounds . . " Journalist

"A religious understanding of life and affairs has always been of value in making judgements at and about work". Personnel Officer

The course will contribute to the key skills of communication, ICT, working with others and improving learning and performance.

Visits and outside speakers will form an integral part of this course and the department currently runs trips to Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre, York Minster and Cambridge University as well as inviting in a number of guest speakers.

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