GCSE Revision Material

Online Resources

Students in years 9, 10 and 11 have access to "Kerboodle". This service provides you with digital versions of the textbooks (you can access these on your computer, tablet or phone). 


Your science teacher will give you your username and password if you do not already have it. 

Past Papers

Past papers can be downloaded from the AQA website:

Revision Resources

Check the folder below for additional questions and resources from your science teachers:

Year 9 Revision Material

The Course

Students in 9a1 to 9a4 are following the new AQA GCSE Science qualifications in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These can be explored in more detail on the exam board website - select the new GCSE specifications for further information (8461, 8462, 8463).


Students in 9b1 to 9d3 follow the new AQA GCSE Science "Trilogy" qualification to give two GCSEs in science. More detail can be viewed on the AQA website, by searching for the Trilogy specification (8464).

Year 10 Revision Material

Year 11 Revision Material