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World Book Day Display

Every year the World Book Day award takes place. This year the Learning Lounge decided to get involved. The competition is simple. Create a display which explains how your school flies high with reading.

As the competition is judged by Sir Chris Hoy, the Learning Lounge decided to create a display around the 'Tour de France' but instead of cycling through France our bikes would cycle through different zones each containing a different era of books. To create this wondrous book utopia, Design and Technology, Art and English all got involved. Student Librarians and English Ambassadors also helped bring the display to life every Wednesday Lunchtime.

After three weeks of hard work the display is finally finished and our school entry has been sent off. Fingers crossed we win first prize, which is £5000 worth of books plus a visit from Sir Chris Hoy, Joanna Nadin and Clare Elsom!

Thank you to all our helpers for making this display beautiful!

January 2019


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