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Model Competition

In June the Learning Lounge will start a roleplaying tabletop club during Thursday lunches. To prepare for the club we are hosting a model competition which will close on the 25th of May. If you want to enter its simple!

1. Create your own character. Make sure they are no taller than 10cm. Bring them into the Learning Lounge.

2. Make sure your character fits into a steampunk/sci-fi universe.

3. Create their backstory, this should include their name, occupation, weapon of choice and why they are questing.

4. Give them abilities which they can use throughout their quest. For example, flamethrower punches! You can give them a maximum of four abilities.

5. Once you have done all this hand in your entry at the Learning Lounge desk.

All entries will be rewarded with credits and the winning entry will get bonus credits and their character will feature in the tabletop clubs first adventure!

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