We are open to Y10/12 students for small group teaching on a rota basis from Monday 22nd June. We remain open to Key Worker and Vulnerable students.

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Career Spotlight - History

The Learning Lounge's first career spotlight, this academic year, is history. Every two months we will be putting a new career into our spotlight. On our career spotlight display, you will find books on a chosen industry, quizzes, career profiles, informative posters and bookmarks which detail the subjects on offer at Toot Hill School which will help you on your way.

Our display is not just for those students immediately thinking about their future, it's for those who are considering their options in Year 9. Our career spotlight can help you determine which GCSE's will be important to your future.

If history is not for you, you can still explore our display and take part in our fun quiz to earn 10 credit points.

We will also be showing some BBC historian documentaries during certain lunchtimes so stay tuned to find out when they are happening!

Fun Fact: Did you know:

  • Universities have found that many history graduates go on to become lawyers and earn a maximum of £90,000!

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