Year 8 Assessments

January and june 2017 Exams

Assessment time is upon us once more, with formal written assessments taking place in January and June 2017. These assessments are important for the pupils, and for us as a school. We use the levels achieved by pupils in their assessments, along with indications of their innate ability and their effort in lessons, to monitor if a pupil is progressing as expected. We also use the results to analyse how effective our curriculum is at securing strong pupil progress and development.

While we want pupils to take their assessments seriously, we do not want them to be the cause of undue stress or pressure. Our tiering system has been developed to try to place the children at the centre of our provision, and assessments play a vital part in informing our short and medium term planning. We continue to devote time and energy to refining the assessments themselves, and the way in which we prepare pupils.

Assessments should be focussed on finding out the knowledge, understanding and skills that pupils have developed; there aren’t any trick questions! If a pupil is unsure during an assessment, they should just make their best effort; we cannot and do not ask any more than that. Teachers supervise the assessments, and they will try to help pupils within the spirit of the assessment.

For their part, pupils should be using some time at home each evening to prepare for their assessments. Pupils in Years 7 & 8 should be completing the equivalent of between 45 to 60 minutes of homework per night. Revision and preparation for the assessments should fall broadly within these expectations, and should be supported by structured tasks from class teachers. Please encourage your child to talk to their tutor if they are finding homework difficult to manage, and please use the planner to communicate with teachers if your child has worked for over 30 minutes on a homework, but not finished it. It is important that pupils get some relaxation time too!

Exam Timetable

year 8 revision letter

Subject-specific revision resources

The following revision documents provide subject specific revision for your Year 8 June Internal Assessments. This is information which has been provided by your teachers to help you with your revision:

Revision Material for June Internal Assessments:

Previous Revision Material for January Internal Assessments:

General guides to revision

Also available: Year 7 Assessments.

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