At Toot Hill School we value traditional qualities: hard work, honesty, good manners and consideration for others.

Through applying these values fairly and consistently we strive to shape and mold our students into confident, mature and independent young people.

Hard-working and independent

Toot Hill School is committed to providing our students with the very best start in life. We believe that every child matters and with the correct support, guidance and care, every child can succeed.

We understand that every student is different and we will provide the individual support and guidance that will allow your child to reach their full potential both academically and as a young person ready to enter the wider world.

Toot Hill School also values the opportunities and benefits that extra curricular activities can offer. We have developed an exceptional range of after-school activities providing every student with the opportunity to explore their full potential.

Well-mannered and considerate

At Toot Hill School we believe that outstanding, inspiring and exciting teaching is critical to the happiness, well-being and progress of every child.

To ensure this takes place we have a clear set of expectations that inform everything we do at Toot Hill:

  • We have high expectations of students and staff.
  • We believe every student can succeed.
  • We will ensure barriers to learning are challenged and overcome.
  • We expect teaching to be well planned, varied and stimulating.
  • We believe learning should be active, focused and engaging.