Year Groups

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The Year System

We try to ensure that all pupils work together to achieve their full potential through a supportive, purposeful and caring Year System. This is led by a Head of Year and an Assistant Head of Year.

Each Year Group has its own base where each tutor set has a tutor room. Pupils are allowed into a specified Year Area at lunchtime under the supervision of the Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year and midday supervisors.

The Tutor

Tutor sets are organised into mixed ability groups. The tutor group has its own tutor who is supported in Year 7 by pupils from groups in Year 11. The tutor is responsible for supporting the pupils in their care in all aspects of school life; academic, social and personal. They will monitor academic progress through the National Curriculum using data information circulated on a regular basis. Furthermore they will support pupils in maintaining a good disciplinary record. They should be able to give advice and guidance on any matter which might affect the individual's work and personal development.

We aim for the tutor to remain with their tutor set from Year 7 - 11 to ensure continuity of pastoral care and support throughout their school career.

There is an agreed programme for tutor time for each year group.

The Head of Year

All of the tutor sets and tutors are managed by the Head of Year. They are responsible for co-ordinating the work of the year as a whole and monitoring overall progress in the National Curriculum.

They ensure that the whole Year group work together effectively and maintain high standards of discipline by working with Heads of Department. The Heads of Year help to organise and oversee assemblies.

The Assistant Head of Year

The Assistant Head of Year supports the work of the Head of Year and deputises for them in their absence.

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