Canteen Menus and Price Lists

The dining menus work on a 3-week cycle as shown in the table below. Please use the links in the table to download the appropriate menu in PDF format or the links below for price lists (applicable every week).

Week Beginning Meal Deal Menu Lite Bite Menu
14th November 2016
16th January 2017
6th February
6th March
27th March
Cycle 1 Cycle 1
5th December 2016 Cycle 1 - Revised
Christmas Menu
Cycle 1
21st November 2016
12th December
23rd January 2017
20th February
13th March
17th April
Cycle 2 Cycle 2
7th November 2016
28th November
9th January 2017
30th January
27th February
20th March
24th April
Cycle 3 Cycle 3

Allergen Information

April 2017


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