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Toot Hill Policy and Provision

At Toot Hill School, we embody the ethos of 'challenge for all' and truly believe that our curriculum provides an enriching, engaging and challenging experience for all of our students. Our curricula has been designed and implemented with the More Able in mind so all children receive a learning experience that is deeply rooted in enriching knowledge. Our school policy of the More Able has been approved by the Governing Body and this is updated annually. Please see to the right on the relatable downloads a copy of this provision.

Teaching and learning is at the heart of our success with our Most Able children and we pride ourselves in the autonomy teachers have to provide a curriculum experience that is best suited to their subject. Along with our teaching and learning routines, including First 5, Last 5, Purple Pen to uplift and develop work and questioning for all, we recognise the importance of teachers being able to teach in a way that suits the needs of the class in front of them and believe our responsive teaching technique is key to the success of our children. Our Most Able students report on their enriching experiences across the school and we are proud of the fact that no two lessons are the same. They are provided with core and ambitious subject knowledge and are purposefully taught skills to develop them into motivated, hard working and active citizens.

There are a wealth of opportunities available to our More Able students which are offered through our Extended Study provision or in 6 weekly blocks of the academic year during the school day. These include, but are not limited to; Lectures, Mini EQQ, Debating clubs, The Brilliant Club, The Scholar's Programme, Peer reading and the Medicine Programme.

If you have any further questions on how you can support your child or any questions relating to the provision please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Coates

Head of Y13 and Most Able Co-ordinator

June 2024


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