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"Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself"

Denis Waitley

At Toot Hill School, we deliberately teach a Personal Development Curriculum to ensure that our students are well informed, thoughtful decision makers who feel secure and safe in their personal identities, and are able to positively and articulately connect with all members of our community, with respect and compassion. We challenge students to reflect upon, and think critically about, the world around them, whilst supporting them to develop the self-belief and bravery required to leave a legacy within our ever evolving world.

Our Personal Development Curriculum is designed to drive and shape the character development of our young people, to enables our students to flourish as well informed, self-aware young people, equipped to make thoughtful and safe decisions within their lives. It is coherently planned to help students make sense of the world and ignite the passion and courage required to question the status quo, promote social justice and make a difference. Our students are encouraged to develop their unique personalities and perspectives, grounded in knowledge and confidence.

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