Extended Study

"​​Time built into the school calendar to provide students with a greater variety of enrichment and academic opportunities"

What does Extended Study look like?

  • 3pm-4.15pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Involves ALL Year groups, in EVERY subject
  • Extended Study will run every week (except the first/last week of each half term and Parents Evenings)

Staff at Toot Hill are running an Extended Study session that fit into one of the 4 categories below:

Enrichment – Fun activities, outside of lessons that you are passionate about, enjoy and are interested in; from knitting to debate club.

Master Classes – Are you aiming for a 7,8 or 9 in your GCSE’s, or A/A* at A-Level? Then these sessions are for you!! Begin learning University level knowledge now!

KUNCU – These sessions are to provide additional opportunities to learn the course content with a subject area. A must to ensure you know everything!

Learning Skills – These sessions are to learn new skills that you may not necessarily learn in your lessons. The skills you learn will have a lasting learning impact to take with you throughout your career. This could be the team work skills you learn on DofE to cooking skills for home.

Prep Homework Hall

Prep Hall is a quiet working place you can complete school work/homework with teacher support Monday (3pm-5pm) Tuesday-Thursday (from 4.15pm-5pm).

You can Download the Extended Study Timetables here

Please email Mr Wickens (rwickens@toothillschool.co.uk) if you have any queries.

January 2019


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