Pupil Reports

Pupil Reports

At Toot Hill School, parents receive reports on their child's progress at three points during the year. The report will indicate the commitment to learning pupils are showing in lesson ('Attitude to Learning'), the level of how well Home Learning tasks are completed and an indication as to the progress pupils are making in each subject area. Please note that for a child's first report in year seven we will report on just the attitude to learning part of the report.

Attitude to Learning and Home Learning Levels

At Toot Hill School we believe that if pupils work hard and display positive attitudes to both their learning in school and at home, then this can only breed success. This is why this is the most important element of the report home.

Attitude to learning is reported on a scale from 6, for exceptional effort, down to 1. In addition, Home Learning levels indicate the (relative) standard of pupils’ Home Learning, and whether it is handed in on time, on a similar scale.

Progress Category

The Progress Category gives an indication as to how well a pupil is progressing through each subject, based on their prior attainment. Pupils will either be reported as 'Above Expected', 'At Expected' or 'Working Towards', which will be based on any assessments that pupils have completed up to that point.

If pupils are 'Working Towards' in subjects, then guidance will be provided on how you can support your child at home. Invariably, if a pupil's attitude to learning score is high, then any gaps in learning will be identified and remedied in lesson and via Home Learning. However, if attitude to learning scores are low, this is where parental support can be most effective at increasing pupil progress.

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