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School Transport Information

If you live within the catchment area as defined by Nottinghamshire County Council, you will need to make an application for a bus pass through Nottinghamshire County Council.

An online application can be accessed via: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/learning/schools/schooltravel

Alternatively you can telephone 0300 500 80 80 and request that an application form to be sent to you. It is recommended that you make an early application to secure a bus pass ready for the new academic year.

Nottingham Minibuses operate fare-paying services on the N49 and N53 services for those living in Burton Joyce and Lowdham areas. They do offer a facility to purchase a yearly pass rather than pay a daily fare. For further information regarding this, please contact them directly:

Tel: 0115 844 0343 / E-mail: nottingham-minibuses@ntlworld.com

A seat reservation is required to be made if your child will need to travel on any of one of the following buses – T1, T2, T3 or T6 (which serve Coddington, East Stoke, Farndon, Fernwood, Newark, New Balderton, Winthorpe, Cotgrave, Keyworth, Tollerton and Staunton).

In order to do this an application to reserve a seat must be made via: sharpesofnottingham.com/wp/travel-card-seat-reservation

Please make your application as soon as possible, but definitely before the closing date for this process which is Friday 21st June 2024. More information is available on the attached leaflet.

Once you have made your application online, you will receive an email from Sharpes as soon as the loadings and routes have been finalised. This will be before the new academic year commences although may be towards the end of the summer holiday.

Unfortunately, without making this reservation, we will be unable to guarantee a place for your child on any school transport and therefore you are urged to complete this process as soon as possible, so as to avoid any future problems. We trust that you will appreciate this process is being undertaken to ensure safe bus travel for all pupils to and from Toot Hill School, and hope that you will support us by reserving your child’s seat ASAP.

Bus Timetables (updated September 2023)

Please use the link below to download timetables for the school bus services operating to/from Toot Hill School (in PDF format). For any problems relating to services 651, 652, 654, 655, 656 and 657, please contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80. For any problems relating to services N49, N50 and N53, please contact Nottingham Mini Buses on 0115 844 0343. For problems with any of the 'T' services, please contact Sharpes on 0115 989 4466 or see Sharpes of Nottingham for more information.

Bus Issues

Here at Toot Hill we work hard to ensure that our pupils have a safe journey to and from school when they travel on a school bus service. We are however aware that from time to time things do not run as smoothly as they ought to. Of course, it is not possible to deal with such situations unless we are aware of them.

Pupils are informed that they can always report incidents to any member of staff in school or in particular to either myself or Mrs Parkin (our Operations Manager) and this can be done verbally or via an Incident Form that pupils can complete. We are also introducing Student Ambassadors onto our buses and all pupils will be informed who the Ambassadors are for the bus they travel on. These Ambassadors will be another route through which any pupil will be able to voice any matters they would like us to be aware of.

To enhance our service even further, we have provided this facility where you can input the details in the spaces below and this information will then be sent by e-mail to a staff member who will either deal with the matter or forward it to the correct person for it to be dealt with. I would hope that this helps us to improve the response time and provides more support for parents and pupils alike.

Dr C Eardley - Head of School

June 2024


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