Year 7

"The world’s mine oyster"

William Shakespeare

The Year 7 Personal Development Curriculum is purposely designed to welcome students into our school community where they will feel safe, comfortable and ready to fully engage with our broad and ambitious curriculum. After an unusual final year of primary school, and a virtual introduction to our school, we will initially focus on connecting with our students face to face. Students will embrace a wide range of new curriculum and enrichment opportunities. As students begin the next phase of transition, from primary to secondary school, they will become familiar with our core values of Work Hard, Be Kind. Students will be recognised for showing honesty, respect and courage, along with motivation, confidence and resilience, the very characteristics at the heart of our school community. Students will also begin to familiarise themselves with our core PRIDE values and will reflect on what they stand for whilst showing consideration for the views of others.

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Personal Development Active Tutoring

Monday Motivational Mondays and Character Development Reflection
Tuesday Assembly
Wednesday Wellbeing Wednesday
Thursday Topical Thursday
Friday The World Around Me

August 2022


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