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“Children who become engaged in reading can make huge progress in their literacy development simply through their independent reading, whatever the nature of their early experiences.”

Ofsted Reading Framework 2021 (updated 2023)

We want all Toot Hill students to be on a reading journey of discovery, enlightenment and pleasure!

At Toot Hill School we inherently understand and value the importance of reading. Studies show that the top 10% of students read more than 40 minutes a day, whilst the bottom 10% read less than 2 minutes a day. Anderson, Wilson and Fielding (1988) Research also indicates that students who read appropriately complex texts 25 minutes or more a day will grow at twice the rate of those reading less than 5 minutes daily. Renaissance Learning (2014)

A child that reads for 30 minutes a day at home reads for an extra 10,950 minutes a year. Over the course of their secondary school education that amounts to 54,750 minutes. Compare this to a child that doesn’t read at home at all. This means a child that reads at home will become the more confident, mature and successful individual.

We can’t stress enough how important reading at home is. We recognise and respect the role of the parent as a child’s primary educator in this area and want to support you in this role.

Our Department's have put together a selection of 'Recommended Reads' which will inspire students curiosity and further support understanding of their subjects.

Subject Recommended Reads:

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