Geography Curriculum Intent

“Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future”

Michael Palin

The study of Geography at Toot Hill School develops our students’ sense of responsibility as stewards of our ever changing world. We deliberately teach a variety of perspectives (local, national, global, demographic and cultural) to ensure our students have a deep understanding of the world and their place in it. At Toot Hill School we harness students’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its diverse population. Our curriculum is designed to give students an appreciation of the interconnectedness of the dynamic processes of both Human and Physical Geography that shape our lives; our diverse nations, cultures, heritage and our natural and urban landscapes. Our students develop a fresh insight into the complex challenges and opportunities faced by people and environments, so they learn to share their responsibility for global issues such as sustainability, pollution, the environment and climate change. Geography sits within a rich humanities curriculum that enhances their understanding, empathy and decision making as global citizens.

By studying Geography at Toot Hill School, our students will have strong sense of place, purpose and responsibility which will enable them to become:

  • Critical thinkers who appreciate the world they live in
  • Articulate debaters with a wider perspective
  • Geopolitically aware of current affairs
  • Analysts of the implications of globalisation
  • Challengers of stereotypes due to contemporary thinking to become appreciative of other cultures
  • Accomplished explorers who seek solutions based on rich perspectives
  • Integral thinkers who are confident expressers of their views
  • Observant individuals who can reason patterns and trends across the world
  • Exploratory thinkers who seek solutions
  • Investigators in the field to reach valid conclusions on pertinent topics

June 2024


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