PE Curriculum Intent

Physical Literacy can be described as the motivation confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life

Whitehead, 2019

The Physical Education curriculum at Toot Hill School aims to support all students to become physically literate through an exciting variety of high-quality physical activities that build the character and knowledge required to empower all students to lead happy, healthy and active lives. Our extensive practical programme engages and inspires all students to participate in recreational, competitive, leadership, creative and health and fitness activities, all promoting a positive attitude towards a love and life-long commitment to sport and physical activity as well as fostering sporting excellence.

We deliberately teach a concept led curriculum within which students develop their subject knowledge, physical competence and personal growth. Physical activity is used as the vehicle to develop interpersonal skills, respect and well-being whilst students continue to develop a deep understanding of movement, skills and strategy. This ensures students understand both the impact of participation on their performance, health and self-esteem, which supports them to make informed choices throughout their lives.

We are committed to empowering our students through being physically active, nurturing their sense of personal responsibility, motivation, confidence and independence. Students benefit enormously from participating, communicating and connecting as a team, whilst strengthening their inter-personal and leadership skills. Opportunities to step outside their comfort zones to take on new social, physical and emotional challenges, within a supportive environment, noticeably underpin their personal growth. Students are encouraged to think critically and with integrity about ethics, discrimination, barriers to participation and the influence and power of sport on society, participation and culture.

The Physical Education curriculum at Toot Hill School motivates students to confidently and competently:

  • Evaluate and take responsibility for their personal growth
  • Explore strategies for self-improvement
  • Practice with purpose and precision to transition from simple to combined then complex movements and skills and refine tactics
  • Participate with increasing levels of mastery in physical activity at; class, recreational, school, club, regional or national level.
  • Officiate and coach successfully in a range of physical activities
  • Demonstrate participation with dignity, sportsmanship and respect towards the rules, regulations and opponents

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