GCSE Course Content

Course Structure and Evaluation Criteria

We follow the AQA GCSE in Performing Arts (Single Award) specification, taught in 3 50-minute lessons per week over Years 9, 10 and 11.

There are two units:

Unit 1: Portfolio Evidence
Assesses Skills Development, Knowledge and Understanding. It is internally assessed and worth 60% of the full GCSE. View the assessment criteria [PDF - 124Kb].
Unit 2: Showcase Performance
In response to briefs set by AQA in November of Year 11. It is externally assessed and worth 40% of the full GCSE. View the assessment criteria [PDF - 111Kb].

Rehearsals often take place at lunch time, after school and within school holidays. Theatre visits are also essential. Students will also need to be available for evening performances.

GCSE Curriculum

Over the GCSE course, students will complete the following skills development units:

  • Acting Workshop
  • Lighting Workshop
  • Performance Workshop
  • Professional Practice Folder
  • Response to Exam Brief

During the course, students will learn through practical experimentation and exploration. All our candidates are taught techniques based on industry practice and it is our aim that students emerge fully skilled in a range of theatre disciplines. The course culminates with students producing a high quality piece of theatre applying the skills they have learnt to ensure success in their exam.