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Emma Pass Booksale!

Emma Pass is a local author who has written two books; Acid and The Fearless. Emma will be visiting the Learning Lounge on Wednesday the 22nd of November. She will be hosting a science fiction writing workshop and then she will be available during the lower school lunch to answer all your questions.

To celebrate Emma's amazing books we are selling them in the Learning Lounge at £7.99.

If you buy one of her two books we will hold onto the copy until the 22nd of November. We will then make sure each purchased book is personally signed just for you. We will then hand out all the books on the 23rd of November. This system is in place to make sure you get your book signed. So it doesn't matter if you're ill or you forget on the day!

If you are interested pop by the Learning Lounge and buy your copy today! We only have 18 copies of each title so don't miss out.

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